The past few months have been a whirlwind! We have been receiving a great amount of positive feedback and demand that we wanted to first thank everyone for being so supportive of JAUNT.  

I love to travel and having been an accessories designer in the luxury travel industry for over 10 years, I realised there was still more work to be done! Travel is constantly changing, new restrictions are always made and we are forced to adapt to it.  All we want on our vacation is to enjoy, relax, learn a bit and look our best. Remember, a memorable JAUNT always starts with a well packed bag.  So here we are, ready to help make your JAUNT an incredible one.

Our first collection was inspired in beautiful Turkey. Who knew a four hour plane ride away would motivate me to create an entire brand.  In Turkey I was overwhelmed by the exotic fabrics, materials, colours, crafts, land and local food.  After absorbing all these beautiful things it was straight to the drawing board! From the day the pencil swirled on the paper, I knew there was no turning back. 

Finding the right factory and building a strong bond with them was more important than ever. We wanted to have the finest craftsmanship. A place where they really understand how to use the luxurious materials we hand picked and have a history of beautifully made bags. It had to be Made In Italy. Our factory is based in a beautiful beach town on the East Coast of Italy and every time I set foot there, I realize how lucky I am to be doing the two things I love- being on the beach and making gorgeous bags.

So watch this space lovely readers as we will be introducing to you the sunny, cheerful, vacation style-chic world of JAUNT.

Before you go, enjoy the images below of how we got our beautiful bags here today. 

    Lots of Love,
   Kim xx