This summer, take the Avant Garde route when dressing up for a luxurious weekend afternoon, and our Little Tahiti hat will suit you just fine. With an exquisite trim of cotton thread, glass beads, and miniature shells, this hat is crafted for perfection, with all the elements for a day on the beach.

Made from straw, the natural trim has a cotton thread fringe and a crown with glass bead and shell detailing. It’s wide 3-inch brim is ideal for those sunny weekend afternoons when you just want to walk by the beach.

  • Material: 100% Toquilla straw
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Imported
  • 3-inch brim
  • White colored
  • Features an Avant Garde trim with a cotton thread fringe, and a crown embellished with glass beads and mini shells

Get your own Little Tahiti hat and make a stop by the beach this weekend. Sand, surf, and sun protection are the perfect combination for relaxation.

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