The Bonafacio Frayed Edge Panama Hat
The Bonafacio Frayed Edge Panama Hat 5 10

The Bonafacio Frayed Edge Panama Hat


Product Details

Made with a combination of metallic accents, natural tones, and bursts of neon color, the Bonafico Hat is definitely the perfect pairing for a sunny afternoon. Made with Ecuador-sourced 100 percent Toquilla straw, the Bonafico is the ideal blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion.

Suited for city escapades as well, it features a delicate trim, complete with neon yellow knots, brass accents, and a pattern of gold and turquoise sequins. The frayed 5-inch brim makes it suitable for sunny days.

  • Material: 100% Toquilla straw
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Imported
  • 5-inch frayed brim
  • White colored
  • Features a gorgeous trim of metallic detailing, colorful sequins, and neon bursts
  • Perfect for a day out on the town

Get your own Bonafico hat and set out on your weekend escapades, while adorning a luxurious accessory.